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Disha Microfin, a Fincare group company, has received license from RBI to form a Small Finance Bank. As part of our transformation to proposed Fincare Small Finance Bank, the business portfolio of FFSPL is transferred to Disha Microfin, the license recipient. With effect from 01-Oct-16, the on-book portfolio of Fincare group is under Disha balance sheet.

We look forward to this journey… Banking On More Progress for All as Fincare Small Finance Bank! Thank You For Your Support!

Caution against Loan offers from fraudulent agencies/individuals

The general public is hereby informed that the entire loan portfolio of Future Financial Servicess Pvt Ltd (FFSPL) has been transferred to its associate entity, Disha Microfin Ltd w.e.f. 01-10-2016. Hence, with effect from 01-10-2016, Future Financial is no longer providing loans or transacting any other business. The public is advised to exercise caution against person/persons, who may impersonate as a representative of Future Financial and approach members of public on the pretext of offering loans in the name of Future Financial.
Please do not fall prey to such false promises. The company will not be liable to any damages arising out of such fraudulent offers.
In case you come across such fraudulent offers, we encourage you to share details with us on to enable us take it up with the concerned authorities.


Future Financial Servicess Private Limited (FFSPL) is an NBFC-MFI registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

Business Snapshot

    Fincare Group

    Our Differentiators

      • Robust Front End

        With analytical data based sourcing methodology, data driven portfolio monitoring, deep connect with rural customer base and complete adherence to written SOP end-to-end, our robust front end ensures strong and focused operations.

      • Streamlined Process Driven Risk Management

        With digitized document flow from loan origination to disbursement and field based controls for efficient sourcing and credit evaluation, our risk management is automated end-to-end for unmatched TAT and process efficiency.

      • Fully Integrated Technology Network

        The comprehensive and seamlessly integrated IT ecosystem comprising of mobile based Loan Origination System(m-LOS), Field Force Automation System(m-FIMO), Web based Loan origination system(CAMs) and Core business Application (e-FIMO) along with Oracle Business Intelligence(OBI) enables high level of process and cost efficiencies.